Intelligent Assistant for Alzheimer’s Patients

Memoria gives Alzheimer patients a greater level of independence using a virtual intelligent personal assistant.

Who We Are

Memoria brings an AGS (Active Guidance Solution) tailored to fit the needs of Alzheimer's patients with their DLA (Daily Life Activities), in a controlled environment.

How it Works

Our system recognizes patient's routine and automatically guides them through their DLA.

How it Makes a Difference

Memoria's unique interactive companion platform will finally give Alzheimer's patients the level of independence they rightly deserve.

Intelligent Assistant to fit your dynamic routine

  • Analyzes your actions
  • Extracts memories based on both Time & Location
  • Easy to use

Initiated Assistance Around The Clock

  • Managing your schedule
  • The right information at the right time Voice-Over guiding

You’re Back In Control

  • Follows you ‘Step by Step’
  • Ensures correct actions
  • ERemembers for you makes private caregivers redundant

Relationships With National Institutes:

Memoria has established a long-term relationships with the most influential institutes in the alzheimer division in israel, in order to ensure a medical effectiveness to our platform - both institutions support our company’s platform and advised our development.

Contact Us

For more information please contact us at
Investors - investors@memoria.XXX
General Info - info@memoria.XXX